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Student clinic is an amazing way for students to not only practice what they have been learning in class but also practice working on different types of people. Here at Arlington School of Massage, we have three different student clinics that help the students practice specific skills throughout the school year.

Swedish: Clinic One

The first student clinic available is their Swedish massage. Swedish massage consists of long flowing strokes that usually consists of full body relaxation. This is a very basic massage and doesn't consist of any deep tissue, although deep pressure may be applied.

Deep Tissue and Spa: Clinic Two

This clinic is where students start to develop a little more advanced techniques. They learn the fundamentals of deep tissue and how to address major areas of concerns on the body. Also they have learned hot stone massage, body wraps, aromatherapy, and Indian head massage! 

Clinical Massage: Clinic Three

The last student clinic is a compilation of everything the students have learned throughout the year but is primarily focused on clinical massage. The students get to demonstrate their assessment skills as well as much more advanced techniques.

Stones Massage
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